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Places of Worship

Upliftment and Maintenance of Places of  Worship - involves mosques which we clean, renovate, rebuild, redecorate etc. where  necessary.

Sporting Programmes

THE ASH-NAD FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization, funded solely by us, hosts an annual night cricket competition which is usually held from January to May of every year.  This provides our youths with extra curricular activities while helping them to remain focused and out of trouble.  People from over 30 mosques participate in this event. Cash and prizes are awarded to the winners. 


We assist the less fortunate families and their children with educational grants & scholarships.

Fund Raising Events

Providing a venue for all those who need to raise funds for their mosques, religious groups, organizations etc. For example, dinners, family day events, seminars.

Literature Distribution

We provide constant and endless reading material such as copies of the Holy Qur’an, Islamic books based on every aspect of Islam, guides etc.

Medical Outreach Programmes

Free medical clinics at different intervals and in collaboration with other groups.

Children Treats

We supply all the mosques throughout Trinidad and Tobago with gift items, snacks, bouncy castles, games, toys for Eid and during the year.


Sponsors of various cultural events. We own the ZIKRULLAH ORCHESTRA consisting of our own musical instruments and singers.


Over the past years we have been constructing homes for the less fortunate and their families, people who live in extreme poverty. This again we do free of charge using our own resources and funding.

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Ashmead Ali Contracting Services Limited

Our compound comprises of two halls/auditoriums, play-park, two sports grounds and a mosque.



Helping our brothers & sisters through community involvement.


Our compound is open to the muslim community at no charge and is used as a venue for functions, sports and various other activities.

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